Sundry Scent leaf ‘ Efirin in Yoruba , Nchauwn in Igbo’


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Efirin, daidoya, nchanwu or scent leaf, whose botanical name is Ocimum gratissimum, is a tropical plant species that belongs to the family of Labiatae. It is usually a homegrown shrub used mainly as spices for cooking delicacies due to its unique aromatic taste. Scent leaves are high in calcium,phophurus, iron, potassium, carbon and vitamin A.

Scent leaves are beneficial to our health and it doesn’t cost much to get. Here are some of its benefits: #1 It can cure malaria. If you want to make use of scent leaves to cure malaria, use it to make tea and drink it while it’s warm. Scent leaves contain an effective antipyretic substance to reduce fever and cure malaria. #2 Aids digestion


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